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Inserts! Which one?

When I first started cloth nappies, the options for inserts were overwhelming. Microfibre, bamboo, bamboo charcoal, hemp, cotton... which one do I choose? Someone tell me.

Here we will go into detail with bamboo, which is the main insert that comes with every Chuckles nappy purchased. Bamboo is an all-natural sustainable resource that is soft, absorbent and durable. It is also more expensive than the microfibre insert that comes with most cloth nappies. However, it makes for a good investment if you’re looking at long-term cloth nappy use.

Bamboo is extremely gentle against your baby’s skin and can hold a lot of moisture without adding bulk to the nappy, making it light-weight and trim. Its ability to absorb moisture makes for a good nappy for longer naps and overnight use in addition to daily use- so you don’t have to worry about leaks! For heavy wetters, you can choose to add an additional bamboo or hemp insert beneath the microfibre inserts.

An even better reason for choosing bamboo is its natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, reducing odour in the nappies and buildup of bacteria especially in warmer weathers.

But are bamboo charcoal and pure bamboo inserts the same thing? Far from it!

A bamboo charcoal insert is a mixture of bamboo & charcoal on the outside and microfibre on the inside, which makes it bulkier. Unfortunately for most, they don’t have much bamboo in it. The benefit of added charcoal does give the nappies a stay-dry feel whereas, with pure bamboo, your baby can feel more of wetness. That’s a pro if you are also toilet training.

Don’t forget it is also environmentally friendly!

Tip: If you are using bamboo inserts for the first time, it is advisable to wash them 3-4 times before use to achieve maximum absorbency.

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