Our Bestseller - The Prima Cloth Nappy

November 05 2021 – Joyce Tang

prima original reusable cloth nappy

prima original reusable cloth nappy

A Closer Look... 

I came up with the design of our new Prima Original Nappies, after spending countless hours thinking about what features would be useful and needed for mums, yet soft and comfortable for babies. 

Thoughtfully designed, here are all the amazing features that you get in a Prima Nappy. 


prima inside

The Hybrid All-in-2 Style 
You can use this pocket style by stuffing the inserts or as an all-in-2 style with the inserts snapped on.

Water Resistant Inner Wings
This helps to prevent wee from getting onto clothes by repelling moisture.

Soft Leg Elastics
Some don't mind sock marks, but not all of us like it! Our soft leg elastics help to prevent those nasty sock marks on those precious baby thighs!

Premium Outer PUL
In line with the Clean Cloth Nappies guidelines (www.cleanclothnappies.com), this ensures that you can wash your nappies at 60 degrees with a peace of mind.



Prima Nappy

The Locator Snap
A snap right in the middle of many snaps. And guess what - you can snap your inserts on the inside if you are using this pocket style, so your soaked inserts don't sag and slip!

Top Hip Snap
Hip snaps are essential as they stop the wings from sagging. But for chunky babies, the hip snaps might make it too tight on the thighs if it sits too low. This is why our hip snaps are at the top! To allow more space for chunky/growing thighs.

Crossover Snaps
Want to use this for a newborn or preemie? Fret not. Our crossover snaps help size the nappy down really small to make it still fit well!

Four Rows of Rise Snaps
Sufficiently adjustable to fit tiny babies (snapped on the lower rises) and also toddlers (snapped on the higher rises). This ensures you can use our one size nappy for longer time!

Three Columns of Rise Snaps
This is so important to help keep the nappy shape and stop the snaps from coming undone even if your kid thrashes or moves about!


The AWJ (Athletic Wicking Jersey) Lining 
Breathable, cooling and keeps your babies dry. Bonus point - poop is really easy to get off with this lining!

Internal Elastic Gussets
Keeps poo in while giving a comfortable good fit around chunky thighs

Water Resistant Tummy Panel
This expels any moisture and keeps it from wicking onto baby's clothing, especially if they are tummy sleepers!



prima inserts

Absorbency is Key
Invest, invest, invest! You want to be focusing on the long term. We only use high quality natural fibres (no synthetic microfibre) for our inserts and you can be assured they are one of the most absorbent on the market. A key feature you will appreciate as your baby grows and wees more! 

Two Compatible Inserts
Each nappy comes with two inserts so you can choose to use one, or two, depending on the age and size of your child (as well as how much they wee!)

ORIGINAL vs 2.0? 
Both nappies have the exact same wonderful features, except for the leg gussets. You get internal double gussets with the Original Nappy, while you get external double gussets with the 2.0 Nappy!

Prima Original NappyPrima 2.0 reusable Nappy

The simple way to choose:
- Slim build --> 2.0 Nappy
- Average build --> Original or 2.0 Nappy
- Chunky build --> Original Nappy

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