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Our Story

Hi everyone! I am Joyce, the mama behind Chuckles.♡

I started my mini business 4 months ago to provide a range of modern cloth nappies to the community in response to my personal passion, which is to encourage and empower other parents to start eco-parenting.

When I became a mother, I thought disposable nappies were the only option as cloth nappies were something of previous generations. Until I came across a friend of mine who used reusable pocket nappies and introduced them to me. But still, I feared cleaning poop, the washing & all the work that came with it. Two months later I took the plunge with a “Do it now, think later” mentality.

In the same way I realised most mothers who have never been exposed to cloth nappies experience the same fears as I did. Reasons include the overwhelming terminology surrounding modern cloth nappies, the numerous types, the process of cleaning and the start-up cost itself. For many, like me, would have turned away from what seems too complex in addition to the stress of being a new mum!

Prior to motherhood, I was the fear of everyone. I was a dentist. For every person that stepped into my clinic, not one had said they loved being there. Over the years I had plenty of practice calming anxious patients. Most would walk out happy that it wasn’t ‘as bad as they thought’! Converting anxious patients to happy patients was the most rewarding aspect of my job.

So I thought, if I could do that with the drill, I could do it with cloth nappies. My purpose in Chuckles is to convert anxious mums and dads to being confident cloth-using parents! So here I'm telling you to believe in yourselves and take that first step. Mighty mums, you’ve pushed that baby out, you can do this too! x Joyce.