Discount Codes

Prima Nappy Discount Codes

Choose any 2x Nappies - TRIAL2 

Receive 10% off plus a 20% code sent to you for your next purchase of 10x Nappies.

Choose any 6x Nappies - BUNDLE6

Receive 15% off

Choose any 12x Nappies - BUNDLE12

Receive 17% off

Choose any 18x Nappies - BUNDLE18

Receive 20% off

Choose any 24x Nappies - BUNDLE24

Receive 25% off


Simply add nappies to cart and apply code.
- Discounts apply to Prima Nappies collection only.
- No other discount codes can be combined. 
- Reward points cannot be used in conjunction with these codes


Adding stuff to an order you already made? 


This code can only be used when you've already got an existing order with us but would like to place another order BEFORE it gets shipped.  It is NOT a free shipping code.