Still unsure?

Let's hear what other eco-loving mums say about their experiences!

"My advice is start small with day time use to ease into it and don't get overwhelmed by washing advice. I did normal laundry routine with them and just did a strip when there was build up." - Cree, Christchurch '20

"We are full time cloth and we love it! They have turned out to be way easier to manage than I expected. They have been a godsend during this lockdown x" - Courtney, Waikato '20

"Yes! I've only just started with my 1 yr old a few months ago. My advice would be just give it a go, it's so much easier than I thought it would be." - Grace, Gisborne '20

"...I did a bit of research and tried a few brands. Having a mix of brands and insert types was really helpful. Use an extra sensitive washing powder. Getting set up is the hardest part but day to day is easy! Wish I had started earlier!" - Kim, Christchurch '20

"Best thing I ever did! I love our reusable and they are so much cuter than disposables. My advice is to just give it a go! One reusable a day saves over 300 disposables from going to landfill a year! Start small and you'll see how easy it is." - Amy, Waikato '20 

"Do it as simply as possible so you can keep it up. Stay off CCN unless you have a problem!" - Emma, Canterbury '20 

"It's really not as hard as it might seem and even just starting with one a day will give you the confidence to do more." - Michelle, Manawatu '20

"No need to rinse ebf poos! And follow clean cloth nappies washing routine." - Sara, Auckland '20

"We love cloth nappies, especially at the moment! I find it you have clean ones set up and ready to go on the change table you're more likely to use them" - Stephanie, Hawkes Bay '20 

"Take a step of faith. You won't regret it." - Sincerely, the one behind Chuckles. <3