Disana Wool Pull-On Cover

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Disana “Pull-On Cover” is made from fine 100% organic merino wool.  A natural, soft & breathable nighttime cover, an alternative to PUL/TPU covers. You only need to pu ll this over the top of your fitted nappy, preflats, flats or prefolds.

Wool's Benefits:

  1. Comfort – so soft and NO elastic marks in the morning.

  2. Less prone to leaks – no special fit required (just pull it on!)

  3. Weeks without washing – due to self-cleaning function of the wool 

  4. Breathable – lets moisture back into the atmosphere while baby sleeps.

  5. Absorbent – absorbs up to 30% of its own weight.

  6. If you love disposables and are getting leaks – try one of these overtop! 

  7. A cheaper alternative  – despite a bigger upfront cost, you only need one or two covers for full time use.

Please note: you do NEED to lanolise this wooly cover if using for night time. You only need to lanolise this up to THREE times (when new) to build the water resistance up for night time use. You can find Lanolion HERE.

Made in Germany. GOTS certified.