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So you're looking for a pocket nappy that is simple to use but still has all the best features... 

Look no further than our Pocket+ Nappy!



  • Natural, quality insert to avoid compression leaks or the need to upgrade with better inserts.
  • Athletic jersey lining which stays cool and dry and is also resistant to staining.
  • Easy stuffing pocket for easy boosting and also dad's hands!
  • Angled Snaps for an easy fit
  • 3 x 4 adjustable rise snaps which grows with your baby, perfect for 3.6 - 16kgs.
  • Awesome prints exclusive to Chuckles - you won't see these prints elsewhere!
  • Customisable - easily use existing inserts you already own as boosters to create the perfect combination for your child!



Each Pocket Nappy comes with a single 5-layer bamboo hemp blend insert. 

  • Topped with TWO layers of bamboo terry fabric for quicker absorption (to avoid flooding)
  • Base of THREE layers high GSM hemp fabric to hold moisture.




Please note: the pocket nappies do not come with inner snaps or double gussets like our Prima Ai2 Nappies. 

Each pocket nappy comes with a single bamboo-hemp insert whereas each Prima Ai2 Nappy comes with 2x inserts totalling 11 layers of bamboo cotton blend material.

Heavy wetters or older children may require additional inserts for boosting the pocket+ nappy. Alternatively, Prima Ai2 Nappies may be more suitable for heavy wetting children.