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Our nappies keep your baby dry and comfortable whilst looking great and saving the environment.

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Each child is unique and deserves to be loved no matter what size or shape.

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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    January 27 2022

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    Understanding the Benefits of Reusable Nappies

    January 11 2022

    Many parents today begin using disposable nappies as they’re the norm; They’re on the shelf at the supermarkets, and likely what their own parents used for them! Unfortunately, there are many downsides to the use of disposable nappies, but more and more parents are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of reusables. Here, we explain how switching to...

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Sleeping Bags

The 3-Seasons Front Zip Woolbabe is much loved for being so easy to use and so versatile. Ideal for day sleeps year round, and night from spring through to autumn.



New Edition NZ create affordable essentials with non-toxic materials, natural ingredients and less packaging. Simpler for you, safer for baby, and kinder to our planet.


Multi Use Covers

Mod and Tod's award winning 5 in 1 Multi-Use Covers are designed for stress-free breastfeeding or as a cover for baby capsules, highchairs, and trolleys.


Safe for Bums

In their first few years of life, your baby will spend an average of 25000 hours in nappies. By choosing reusable cloth nappies, you can be sure that you are protecting your baby’s bum from unknown chemicals and bouts of nappy rash!

Safe for the World

Each disposable nappy takes up to 500 years to decompose in the landfill. With an average of 5000 nappies per baby, you can help the environment by choosing cloth, even if it is only one nappy change per day.

Save for your Wallet

Disposable nappies quickly add up in cost over 2-3 years, per child. By choosing cloth nappies, you will save thousands of dollars and these savings multiply with more children.