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We have TWELVE new prints now available in Prima nappies, wet bags and Prima pods!


Our wet bags come in mini, medium, large and pods!

Newborn to XL

Our nappies come in One Size, Large Size and Extra Large sizes, fitting up to 30kgs!

Designed in New Zealand

All our products are designed locally in New Zealand. Founded by a mama of two girls.

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Cloth Nappies

Easily the most absorbent nappy on the market, our Prima nappies are your premium nappy option, proudly designed from home in New Zealand.


Swim Nappies

Our swim nappies are Prima nappies without inserts. They can be used as regular nappies on the way to the pool. Once you get to the pool, take out the insert and you have a swim nappy.


Wet Bags

With a nappy wet bag you can easily transport your dry and wet reusable nappies (or clothes!). Our wet bags come in 4 different sizes.


Premium Nappy Features

As seen in

Safe for Bums

In their first few years of life, your baby will spend an average of 25,000 hours in nappies. By choosing the best quality reusable nappies NZ wide, you can be sure that you are protecting your baby’s bum from unknown chemicals and bouts of nappy rash! While it’s common for children to develop skin irritations and general discomfort from the various plastics in disposable diapers, our cloth nappies are breathable, helping to reduce skin irritation. It’s important to ensure you don’t leave your baby in any diaper for too long as this can cause an itchy rash or bacterial infection. When it comes to cloth nappies, NZ parents love the Chuckles range because they are made of the highest quality fabrics and they fit well, keeping babies dry and comfortable, day and night.

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Safe for the World

Did you know? Each disposable nappy takes up to 500 years to decompose in the landfill. With an average of 5,000 nappies per baby, by choosing cloth nappies, NZ families will be helping the environment, even if it is only one nappy change per day. Our reusable diapers comprise a washable insert and an outer cover. This design helps to cut down on laundry because when it’s time for a nappy change, you just replace the insert with a clean one, so you only have to wash the cover when it is soiled. You can do some simple things such as washing full loads, reusing unsoiled outer covers, line drying and using eco-friendly detergent to help further reduce your impact on the environment.

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Savings for your Wallet

This is what you could save!

Nappies in a lifetime = 7000

Average cost per nappy: $0.80cents

Total cost = $5600


Cost of reusable nappies

Prima original = $31.50

Average number of nappies over the lifetime = 25

Total cost = $790


You could save up to $4810!

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