Chuckles Cloth Pocket+ Nappy

If you’re starting your journey with cloth diapers, the Pocket+ Nappy is the perfect product to get you started.

Our Pocket+ nappies come with one high-quality, natural fibre insert made from bamboo and hemp for baby’s comfort—no nasty nappy rash. These are the perfect cloth pocket nappies to build your collection, each Pocket+ comes with a single insert, so make sure you grab some extra inserts if required!

Key Features

The Pocket+ is made for ease of use. The shell makes a comfortable fit, with waterproof athletic jersey lining to keep everything dry. Adjustable snaps mean that the nappies can grow with your toddler. A stuffing pocket means that you can add in extra inserts for boosters if necessary. Even Dad will be able to manage these nifty nappies! There is an incredible range of patterns and prints that your little one will love, including some Kiwi inspired designs.

Unlike the Prima Ai2 Nappies, Pocket+ doesn’t feature inner snaps or double gussets.

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Start Your Journey with Chuckles

As we become more aware of the environmental impact we have on the Earth, we need to consider the impact that disposable diapers have on the environment. We’ve set out to make cloth diapers more accessible for parents, creating a functional, comfortable, and reusable alternative to single-use nappies. Whether you’re familiar with cloth nappies or not, we’ve got loads of resources to help you navigate the innovative market and better understand our products.

Make things easy for you and your little one with the Pocket+ nappy. If you’re interested in trying our cloth pocket nappies, we’ve got all the products and accessories to get you started. Any questions? Just get in touch with our lovely team, they’ll be happy to help!