cotton insert in nappy cover

How to Use Cloth Nappies with Inserts

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sleeping baby

Sleep Questions Answered! (Ft. Joanne from Holistic Baby)

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  • Disposable-vs-reusable-nursing-pads

    March 04 2022 – Joyce Tang

    Disposable VS Reusable Nursing pads

    Leaking breasts - an all too familiar scenario for nursing women. And having wet spots on your shirt while outside isn’t the most ideal. Albeit an embarrassing predicament to be in, it’s a natural occurrence and a very normal part of breastfeeding. Good thing nursing pads were invented! There are two options out there – disposable ones and reusable nursing pads. We...

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  • Cloth Menstrual Pads NZ

    February 15 2022 – Joyce Tang

    Reusable Menstrual Products: Should You Try Them?

    Reusable sanitary pads in NZ are gaining more popularity as an alternative to the disposable products that we’re used to using. There are numerous benefits that come with using cloth pads and other reusable period products. In this blog post, we discuss why more and more women are using cloth pads in NZ and break down all the benefits. Comfort Like...

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  • Expectant mother opens gifts at her baby shower

    January 27 2022 – Joyce Tang

    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    A baby shower is one of the most traditional ways to welcome the newest member of the family and is a good excuse to shower the expectant parents with gifts! It’s also a good way for friends and family to get together, but what will you buy for Mum and baby? If you are looking for useful baby shower gift...

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  • Happy baby in eco cloth nappy

    January 11 2022 – Joyce Tang

    Understanding the Benefits of Reusable Nappies

    Many parents today begin using disposable nappies as they’re the norm; They’re on the shelf at the supermarkets, and likely what their own parents used for them! Unfortunately, there are many downsides to the use of disposable nappies, but more and more parents are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of reusables. Here, we explain how switching to...

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