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Our Bestseller - The Prima Cloth Nappy

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The Prima Pod wet bag filled with clean Chuckles NZ cloth nappies

Why Every Parent Needs a Wet Bag

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  • Types-of-cloth-nappies

    September 21 2021 – Joyce Tang

    The Different Types of Cloth Nappies Explained

    Modern cloth nappies come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. We give you a run down on the types available and how to make the right choice for your little one.

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  • baby in reusable nappy

    September 07 2021 – Joyce Tang

    Reusable Nappies: Where to Start

    Reusable nappies in NZ have become increasingly popular as people become more conscious of the waste we contribute to our landfills. Making the switch to cloth nappies is a more comfortable choice for baby, and a fantastic choice for the environment and your wallet. Whether you’re preparing for an addition to the family or simply ready to change your habits,...

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  • Types of Cloth Nappy Inserts

    May 30 2021 – Joyce Tang

    Types of Cloth Nappy Inserts

    There are so many types of cloth nappy inserts - which one do we choose? In this table is a brief breakdown of the most common types of nappy inserts you can find on the market, including microfibre, bamboo, bamboo charcoal, hemp and cotton inserts.

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  • Bamboo Plant

    May 30 2021 – Joyce Tang

    Bamboo Inserts for Cloth Nappies

    Bamboo inserts are a great choice for cloth nappies as it is both absorbent, soft and trim- the ideal combination for cloth nappy use. They are also made from an all-natural sustainable resource. A great investment for long term cloth nappy use.

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