How to Use Cloth Nappies with Inserts

May 04 2022 – Joyce Tang

cotton insert in nappy cover

cotton insert in nappy cover


Reusable nappies can be a lifesaver for parents, but before you start to see all the benefits of using them, you need to get past the little confusing bits. Below, we’ll explain how to use cloth nappies with inserts. Read on for the information and confidence you need to start the reusable journey with your wee one!


What Are Nappy Inserts?

Before we jump into the messy details, you’re probably wondering what cloth nappy inserts even are, and that’s why we’re here! Inserts are nifty cloth nappy accessories designed as a booster for added absorbency, but you can use them on their own as well in a cloth nappy.

Inserts Vs Liners

Inserts are the absorbent part of a nappy. An insert or booster can provide extra absorbency, whereas liners create a "stay dry" layer.

A liner works to draw moisture away from your baby and into the absorbent insert to keep things comfortable. They're generally thinner and are great for catching solids and rolling them into the loo.


What Types of Nappy Inserts Can I Choose From?

Most nappy inserts have a universal design, shaped to fit any one-size-fits-most nappy, although each offers unique benefits. Continue reading to learn how each of our cloth nappy inserts can help make your reusable journey easy.



Microfibre inserts are thick, fast to absorb, and feature a stay-dry feel, so you can be confident that your little one is happy and comfy. Because microfibre is a synthetic material, however, it may not be the best choice for babies with more sensitive skin; nappy rash is a risk and it is not recommended to be placed directly against baby's skin.

If your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin that reacts to microfibre, these inserts are a fantastic option for a busy family, boasting the quickest drying time of all inserts. Microfibre inserts last for approximately one year before they start to degrade and they are not ideal for heavy wetters, as they’re prone to compression leaks.

Unfortunately due to its synthetic nature, we do not stock microfibre inserts at Chuckles.



Bamboo inserts are made of natural bamboo fibres for a soft and comfortable fit. Slower to dry than the previous inserts, bamboo makes up for it with longevity, as they can last for years. After the first eight or so washes, you’ll unleash the full absorbency, making them ideal for heavy wetters.

These inserts can be used alone or with boosters. The key point of difference with bamboo is that the inserts are at a higher price point; however, this is paying for quality as they will remain soft, comfy and durable over time.

We have 4-layer bamboo inserts or 6-layer bamboo inserts available at Chuckles. Our 4-layer inserts are more suitable as boosters whereas 6-layer inserts can be used on its own, with slightly more absorbency than a single hemp insert.

Shop our Bamboo inserts here!



A blend of hemp (45%) and cotton (55%) makes for the trimmest nappy inserts available at Chuckles! Although hemp inserts absorb at a slower rate, they have amazing absorbency with no compression leaks.

These are designed to last and can be used for heavy wetters. Our hemp inserts are the perfect booster beneath microfibre/bamboo. Although hemp inserts do become a bit stiffer over time, you can help soften them by using a dryer—it’s easy as that!

Our hemp inserts are currently available for preorder here.



Cotton is an extremely economical option, with a low price point and long lifespan. Cotton inserts are great at retaining moisture under compression, but they can become bulkier when retaining liquids. Cotton doesn’t have a stay-dry feeling, but they’re still easy on the skin.

A standout feature of these inserts is their multipurpose functionality. Designed to work as both prefolds and flats, with a nappy cover or stuffed into a nappy shell. This functionality makes cotton inserts an ideal type to start with, and they’ll last a long time to come.

Shop our range of cotton prefolds and flats here!


Bamboo Cotton

Finally our BESTSELLING Prima inserts are a natural blend of bamboo and cotton, making for an incredibly thirsty insert! They are 11 layers in total and comes as two inserts. Although they do take longer to dry, these inserts are often used overnight due to its unbeatable absorbency. 

Prima inserts come with all Prima nappies and can be purchased separately here, with or without a stay dry layer.


How to Choose a Nappy Insert

Now that you know a bit more about the types of nappy inserts out there, how do you decide which ones to get?

We recommend starting with the non-negotiables. Think of the essential features for your baby. Does your little one have sensitive skin? Are they a heavy wetter? Do you need something fast-drying or with better durability?

Once you answer these types of questions, it becomes easier to narrow down what the perfect option for you is. When reading about each one, one or two of the inserts may likely have jumped out at you as an ideal choice. If not, we’ve got a simple nappy inserts table that can help you narrow down the features and find the best fit for your child.


Start Your Reusable Journey with a Chuckle

Reusable nappies can be scary to start out with, but they don’t need to be. You can get your reusable nappy journey started with a smile and a chuckle instead! We’ve got an enormous range of high-quality, reusable nappies to help families save money, help the environment, and teach little ones some sustainable practices. Get your journey started with Chuckles today.



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