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Aglow uses premium natural ingredients

Aglow products contain only what you need with the emphasis on quality of ingredients over quantity. The blends are simple, no hidden flavours, colours or preservatives. 

  • Aglow collagen powder uses sustainably sourced high grade marine collagen. It has been hydrolyzed, meaning it has been broken down into peptides so its easily absorbed by the body. 
  • Aglow super greens powders, uses only organic food ingredients that have been freeze dried to maintain all the goodness. We freeze dried real food ingredients

Aglow goes the extra mile to freeze-dry raw ingredients instead of using the more common, cheaper heat-drying process, in the Greens powder range (Immunity and Antioxidant | Skin Hair and Nails).


  • Freeze drying locks in 98% of the original nutrients from the raw food ingredients; unlike heat drying which strips most of this good stuff out as nutrients cannot survive the intense heat.
  • Freeze drying locks in more of the flavour and taste of the ingredients than heat dried foods.

By using freeze drying Aglow is able to produce the most naturally dense super greens powder in New Zealand.

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