Chuckles Prima - NZ Reusable Nappies

If you’re looking for a sustainable, premium cloth nappy in NZ, we’ve got you covered with our Chuckles Prima range. Our Prima Nappies are the perfect option for an all-in-two reusable nappy.

Top Features

There are many key features that make Prima nappies so popular—here are the main ones:

  • Breathable, comfortable athletic jersey-lined shell
  • Two ultra-absorbent, natural fibre inserts suitable for day & night
  • Option to use as a pocket nappy or all-in-two nappy
  • Choose from One Size, Large, & Extra Large.

Prima Original VS Prima 2.0

Browse our two versions of the Prima cloth nappies in NZ below. Be sure to check out the similarities and differences to find the best fit for your wee one.



  • Athletic Jersey Lining (sports mesh)
  • Identical set of inserts (11-layers of bamboo cotton)
  • Angled snaps for the ultimate fit
  • Prima Original Nappies have double internal gussets (suited for chunkier thighs, or taller babies)
  • Prima 2.0 Nappies have double external gussets (suited for slim, lean body shapes, or more petite children.)
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Why Chuckles?

Over the years, a baby will go through thousands of disposable diapers. That’s why we’re here. Chuckles set out to bring affordable, sustainable, and functional reusable nappies to NZ parents. With soft inserts and gentle waistbands, there’s no need to worry about your baby’s comfort; they’ll feel like they’re sitting on a cloud and always look sharp in the funky prints.

Chuckles Prima nappies make things easy on both you and baby — easy to wash, no leaks, no nappy rash—all Chuckles! If you’re interested in trying our NZ cloth nappies, we’ve got all the products and accessories to get you started. Any questions? Get in touch with our lovely team, and they’ll be happy to help!