I don't know what to choose!

There are so many different nappies out there and it is definitely overwhelming if you are new to this cloth nappy world! I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you, follow the steps and find your ideal nappy, or contact me and I can help you directly! Some terms to get you familiar with.. 


Pocket Nappies 

  • Most common type
  • Two part: a waterproof nappy shell with a pocket + absorbent insert 
  • Absorbent insert can be microfibre, bamboo, hemp
  • You can double up inserts for night time or heavy wetter. 
  • Entire nappy needs to be washed after each use. 
  • How many do I need? 

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Choose from: Chuckles Pocket Nappies, Bear & Moo Pocket Nappies, Petite Crown Pocket Nappies 


Nappy Covers

  • These are waterproof covers with no absorbent inner layer.
  • Needs to be used OVER an absorbent layer such as flats, fitted nappies or prefolds.
  • Inner absorbent layer of your choice needs to be washed after every use.
  • Covers can be reused over multiple changes if not soiled. 
  • This method is economical and great for newborns!

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Choose from: Petite Crown Diaper Covers, Chuckles Newborn Cover


All-in-Ones (AIO)/ All-in-Twos (AI2)

  • Most convenient type
  • AIO: Absorbent material is sewn into the outer cover so it is only ONE piece.
  • AI2: Absorbent inserts are snapped onto the outer cover and can be removed.
  • Very simple and easy 
  • Whole nappy needs to be washed after every use.
  • Can take a while to dry!
  • How many do I need?

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Choices: Chuckles Prima All-in-2 NappyPetite Crown Trima Ai2 Nappy, Petite Crown XL Trima Ai2 Nappy 


Flats- it is just a piece of flat cloth!

  • Can be used as the absorbent nappy under a nappy cover (as mentioned above)
  • Requires folding; differs for boys and girls 
  • Most economical option for saving money! Great for newborn.
  • Requires snappi or pins to keep shape in place
  • Can be used to double up for heavy wetters or overnight use.
  • Multipurpose

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Prefolds- a cloth with multiple layers sewn together

  • Usually made of cotton and needs to be folded in threes
  • Requires a Snappi and waterproof outer nappy cover
  • Economical and great for newborns.
  • Can be used to double up for heavy wetters or overnight use.

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Choices: Chuckles Prefolds, Real Nappies Prefolds 

Fitted Nappies

  • There is no waterproof layer for the entire nappy. It is simply worn like a disposable nappy.
  • Requires waterproof nappy cover
  • Usually made of natural fibres like bamboo or hemp
  • Great for overnight or heavy wetters

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Choices: Bubblebubs Fitted Nappies