Understanding the Benefits of Reusable Nappies

January 11 2022 – Joyce Tang

Happy baby in eco cloth nappy

Happy baby in eco cloth nappy

Many parents today begin using disposable nappies as they’re the norm; They’re on the shelf at the supermarkets, and likely what their own parents used for them! Unfortunately, there are many downsides to the use of disposable nappies, but more and more parents are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of reusables. Here, we explain how switching to eco cloth nappies and ditching the disposables for good can benefit you, your baby, your family, and the Earth!

Save Save Save!

The absolute top benefit that our cloth pocket nappies can bring to your family is the extra money you’ll have to spend in other areas. Yup, that’s right, cloth nappies are a fantastic investment!

The up-front cost is higher than disposables, but once you start easing them into your routine and building your collection, you could be saving hundreds of dollars over time. No more lugging those hefty boxes up the stairs, no spending that extra $40 on your grocery shop—just imagine if you wore disposable underwear yourself! It’s a waste of money when there are much more financially beneficial options available.

Comfort like a Cloud

Not only will you have some extra money over time that you can spend on your family, but your little bundle of joy will feel like they’re sitting in a bundle of clouds! No parent wants to see nappy rash on their babies, but luckily, reusables are made with soft, natural fabrics—you might even be a bit jealous!

Our Pocket+ nappies are perfect for getting started, and they come with a 5-layer bamboo hemp blend insert—sounds heavenly right? They feature a 3-layer high GSM hemp fabric to hold moisture, and a 2-layer bamboo terry fabric for even quicker absorption! No more flooding, plus the athletic jersey lining stays cool and dry for some extra added comfort and extra breathability.

Our entire range of cloth nappies is designed with comfort and protection at the forefront. Our nappies work hard to draw moisture away from baby, keeping their clothes dry, and even feature adjustable snaps for a consistently comfortable fit as your little one gets bigger!

Give Back to Mother Nature

It’s our duty as parents to make sure the Earth is left in a beautiful, clean, and healthy state for our children’s future. With disposable nappies, each baby can go through thousands—with each one ending up in the landfill. Unfortunately, this is a habit that is engrained in our society, but many parents are taking more consideration of the planet and being conscious of the waste coming out of their home. It’s usually recommended to flush the solids from disposables before tossing them, but this recommendation often goes ignored.

Dirty nappies should be stored in a light, airy place to decompose—which can still take hundreds of years—so we can only imagine how long they could take to break down in landfill conditions. Learning eco-conscious habits can start from birth with reusable nappies, and it’s much less of change than it can seem.

Extra Tip: Products Extend Beyond Nappies

Disposable nappies are just the beginning of it. The Prima nappy shell can be used as swim nappy, ‘Pocket’ designs allow for extra stuffing if boosting is required, and the list goes on! Extra inserts can be purchased so you’re never caught short on supplies, and wet bags make single-use plastic almost redundant when it comes to your child’s messes.

Reap the Benefits of Cloth Nappies with Chuckles!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of eco cloth nappies, or you’re ready to make the change today, you can find everything you need to get started right here at Chuckles! We’re here to support parents through the change, make sure to check out some more of our resources for all the tips and tricks of reusables. Browse the full range of eco-friendly, reusable nappies online today!



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