Our Cloth Wipes Storage Hack!

May 12 2021 – Joyce Tang

Our Cloth Wipes Storage Hack!

Our Cloth Wipes Storage Hack!

Watch our Wipes Storing Hack Below!
*storage box used is a Huggies container which can be purchased from any supermarket*

Storing Tips:

  • Store them wet in a container.
  • Store them dry, but use a spray to wet as you go.
  • Run under the tap as needed.

Washing Tips:

  • Add dirty cloth wipes into your regular prewash and mainwash.
  • Using cloth wipes will also help in bulking up your wash load for better agitation.

Choosing your Wipes

Chuckles offer two types of wipes:
  1. Bamboo: Velour and Terry
  2. Cotton: Flannel and Terry

Click here to view products.

  • Both types feature one silky smooth side for gentle wiping and one textured side for grabbing mess.
  • These are available in packs of 5 or 10.
  • Wipes are great not just for cloth bums, but can also be used for cleaning after meatimes, face wipes, boosting your cloth nappies etc. 



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