Disposable VS Reusable Nursing pads

March 04 2022 – Joyce Tang



Leaking breasts - an all too familiar scenario for nursing women. And having wet spots on your shirt while outside isn’t the most ideal. Albeit an embarrassing predicament to be in, it’s a natural occurrence and a very normal part of breastfeeding. Good thing nursing pads were invented! There are two options out there – disposable ones and reusable nursing pads. We look at the differences between the two so you can choose the best option for you.

Why nursing pads are an essential

Leaks can happen when your breastfeeding, but they’re not necessarily a bad thing. It only means your body is making milk for your baby! And when you’re breastfeeding, your body is producing the hormone oxytocin, the hormone responsible for your letdown. With a full supply of milk, leaks will be inevitable. It can prove to be a hassle when breast milk leaks through your clothing and can be awkward when it happens in public. This is why nursing pads are really handy when you’re going outside. They can quickly absorb your leaking milk, protect your breasts from stickiness, and keep your clothing dry. Let’s look at your options when choosing nursing pads.

Disposable nursing pads

Disposable nursing pads are like sanitary pads and can be used one time only. They work with an adhesive strip on the back to keep them in place when attached to your bra. It comes in several pieces packed together, making them highly accessible when you’re out and about. You can pop a pair out when your nursing pad is already full. Because they’re super absorbent, moms who are heavy leakers don’t have to worry about staining their shirts.

Pros of using disposable nursing pads

  • Convenient to use. You can easily change whenever you need to
  • Absorbent and leak-proof

Cons of using disposable nursing pads

  • They are for one-time use only and can be bad for the environment
  • They are more expensive to use over time

Reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads are exactly that – nursing pads that you can wash and reuse. What’s great about them is that they’re made from absorbent material that prevents leakages, all while keeping you comfortable with their soft material. They’re also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option if you find yourself leaking a lot. You can grab another pair of reusable ones while you put the used ones in the wash.

Pros of using reusable nursing pads:

  • They’re softer and more comfortable than their disposable counterparts
  • Reduces waste, making them better for the environment
  • Not noticeable when worn under clothing

Cons of using reusable nursing pads:

  • Because you need to wash them, they’re a little less convenient to use. Always make sure to have an extra pair in your bag.

Buy and try

If you’re unsure which one works best for you, it may be more ideal to buy both kinds and test them out yourself. If you’re a heavy leaker who is always on-the-go, disposable ones may work well for you. If you’re breastfeeding or nursing at home, reusable nursing pads might just do the trick.

Chuckles nursing pads to the rescue

Leaks are very normal, but it can be a distressing part of breastfeeding when you’re a heavy leaker. At Chuckles, we offer reusable nursing pads that rescue you from the hassles of breast milk leaks! We have washable nursing pads that provide superior comfort, excellent absorbency, and value for money. With an incredibly soft bamboo velour material and three layers of absorbency, we guarantee you a virtually leak-proof day!

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