Reusable Menstrual Products: Should You Try Them?

February 15 2022 – Joyce Tang

Cloth Menstrual Pads NZ

Cloth Menstrual Pads NZ

Reusable sanitary pads in NZ are gaining more popularity as an alternative to the disposable products that we’re used to using. There are numerous benefits that come with using cloth pads and other reusable period products. In this blog post, we discuss why more and more women are using cloth pads in NZ and break down all the benefits.

Comfort Like You’ve Never Experienced

If you’ve used disposable period products—which you likely have—you’ll be more than aware of the discomfort that comes with them. Some pads can leave you feeling like you’re wearing a nappy, and tampons can be difficult to use. Both products do their job efficiently, but why should we sacrifice our comfort?

People deal with periods for decades. Disposable products are generally made from cotton and plastics, with products containing volatile organic compounds and phthalates, like disposable nappies. Not only do we have to deal with the itchy, uncomfortable feeling of wearing these products, but long-term exposure to these harmful chemicals can cause skin irritation and further discomfort.

They’re Affordable

A single box of tampons or pads doesn’t cost too much as a one-off purchase, but as a recurring purchase, these small prices can add up over the decades. In 2018 it was estimated that Kiwi women spend over $56 million on tampons and period products annually. That is a massive amount of money, and your bank account is likely contributing to that!

Though the upfront price is higher, you’re paying for comfort, quality, and most importantly, for a product that can be reused! Like with reusable nappies, stocking up over time and slowly phasing out disposable products is a great way to build your collection and witness the savings right before your eyes!

They Give Back to the Earth

We are aware of the environmental impact to which disposable sanitary products contribute, so why do we still use them? Even just one cloth pad to start with can make a difference in the big picture! Not only are you rewarding yourself and your bank account, but the planet too.

Whether you’re using a couple of cloth pads during your cycle, or you’re strictly on reusable products, it all makes a difference in reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill.

They Don’t Leak!

Many don’t have faith that reusable period products will work as effectively as disposables, but that couldn’t be more wrong! Despite what many think, reusable products are easy to wash and extremely sanitary. With absorbent inner layers, an absorbent organic cotton top layer, and a waterproof outer, you never have to worry about any leakage with our Prima Pads!

The clever non-slip star pads are designed to keep your pad in place when you’re moving around, preventing anything from escaping the pad and keeping things comfortable!

Ready to Try Them?

If any of the benefits above could make things easier on you and your family, it’s worth giving reusable period products a go. Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable period, wanting to save some extra money, or want to set an example for future generations, you can find reusable cloth pads at Chuckles. We stock products for mamas, along with a huge range of baby products in NZ designed for comfort, sustainability, and ease of use! Browse the full range online today.



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