Do you need Large Nappies?

May 24 2021 – Joyce Tang

Do you need Large Nappies?

Do you need Large Nappies?

Is your child complaining about their nappies being too tight?

Are you struggling to find nappies for bigger children?

Is your child toilet training later than you had expected, especially overnight?

Is bedwetting affecting their confidence?

Most OSFM (one size fits most) nappies range from 3kgs to 16kgs (approximate figures). But what if your child is past that weight range, or has a body shape that does not suit OSFM sized nappies despite fitting in that weight range?

At Chuckles, we offer Large Nappies (6.8-23kgs) and Extra Large Nappies (15-28kgs). Here's what you get:
  • Larger shell for more room to grow (in length and width)
  • Larger inserts for increased absorbency
  • Roomier pocket space for extra boosting if required
Here are some of our Chuckles babies wearing in their Larger Nappies! 
Twins in Large Size Nappies
Twins weighing approx. 7kgs wearing Large Size 2.0 Prima Nappies
3 year old Large Nappy
3 year old wearing our Large Prima Original Ai2 Nappy


Our values - inclusivity and diversity, are what drives us in our product innovation, so that our products suit a huge range of children in size and shape.

No parent should struggle to find a nappy that fits their children.


What Our Customers Say:

"My big 6 year old son isn't dry through the night. I have tried so many options with him and nothing lasted long enough or was large enough. Even disposables couldn't hold his urine output, which I hated using. Every morning he would wake up with wet pyjamas and sheets.

I'm so happy to have discovered Chuckles Extra Large as they fit him comfortably (with extra poppers for growth) and he hasn't leaked since. Most importantly he is happier. The leaks were affecting his mental health and he was constantly saying he was a failure. Thank you Chuckles for making such a great nappy and removing this issue from my son's life. We're both so grateful for the huge difference you've made and we can't thank you enough." - Anon


"These extra large prima nappies are amazing. My 18.5 month old 13kgs baby can fit the extra large nappy on the smallest setting, with three inserts (two provided and an added hemp booster). These extra large nappies are our night nappies. We have never had a leak with all three inserts and up to 14 hours overnight. Before I found these nappies we couldn't use reusables at night as they would always leak. Prima extra large gave me the courage to try overnight and we haven't looked back since. Baby also has heaps of room left to grow into these extra large nappies so they will last until we no longer require nappies at night time. My favourite part of these primas is the athletic jersey material, which wicks away moisture, even after 14 hours overnight and completely soaked inserts, baby's skin is always bone dry!!! Thank you Chuckles!!!" - Sami J



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