Prima Original Cloth Nappy - Large Size - Farm Life

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Prima Original Cloth Nappy - Large Size - Farm Life

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Proudly designed in New Zealand, Chuckles Prima nappies are your everyday, premium nappy option. A protected design, Prima modern cloth nappies are well known as New Zealand's Original Athletic Wicking Jersey nappy with the most absorbent inserts. Our nappy can be used for both daytime AND nighttime. 


Special Features:


Ultra Versatile: Choose to use them as pocket style nappies (stuff the inserts in the pocket), or as an all-in-2 nappy (snap the inserts on the outside lining)

Without inserts, you can use the shell as a swim nappy.


Grows with your baby: Four levels of rise snaps to fit from newborn to toddler (3.5-16kgs)


Alternating Waist Snaps: As baby grows, their shape changes - this design allows a snug, improved fit around the waist and hips at any stage.


Cool & breathable: Each nappy is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey Lining (sports mesh material), to keep your baby dry, cool, happy and comfortable. Bonus - poop slides off easily!


Quality, absorbent inserts: Proudly one of the most absorbent set of inserts on the market! Each Prima nappy comes with a set of TWO inserts - a 5 layer insert for newborns or daytime use and a 6 layer hourglass insert, for heavy wetters and overnight use. Choose to use one insert, or two inserts as required. Both are made of luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton material, and they snap together for easy stuffing!


High Level Leak Protection: PUL (water-resistant) tummy panel and PUL inner wings stop moisture from getting onto baby's clothes, especially if they are tummy or side-sleepers. 


Double Leg Elastics (gussets): This keeps "poosplosions" in and allows extra absorbency without compromising on leg seal. Original nappies have INTERNAL double gussets (for chunkier thighs) whereas 2.0 nappies have EXTERNAL double gussets (for average to slimmer builds). If you are expecting or choosing for a newborn, we recommend the 2.0 nappies


Larger Pocket Opening: Making nappy-stuffing a breeze... This means you can easily stuff extra inserts if more absorbency is required (usually not with our ultra thirsty inserts!)


Beautiful Prints: A large range of prints and colours to choose from!

We stay with you throughout your cloth nappy journey! With every Chuckles branded product you purchase, we offer a 1-YEAR limited warranty, so rest assured you are purchasing with confidence.

Safety: We only use suppliers with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. You can be confident that our products are free from harmful toxins and chemicals to protect you and your baby's health.


Outer shell and AWJ lining - 100% polyester (TPU)

Insert - 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton

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    1x Prima nappy shell

    1x 5-layer bamboo cotton insert (for newborn or daytime only use)

    1x 6-layer Hourglass bamboo cotton insert (for heavy wetters and overnight use. Also perfect for tummy sleepers)

    Sizing (approx. depending on baby's body shape and height)

    Normal 3.5-16kgs 

    Large 6.8-23kgs

    Extra Large 15-28kgs

    What are the differences between our original Prima Nappy and the new Prima 2.0 Nappy?

    Both nappies have the same features except for the leg guseets. Our original nappies have an internal gusset whereas our 2.0 nappies have external double gussets.

    Which Prima nappy is better suited for my baby?

    Suitable for all shapes and sizes, the external gussets in our Prima 2.0 Nappy provides an extra seal and an improved fit especially for babies with slim to moderate thighs. 

    Additionally, if using these nappies overnight for a heavy wetter, Prima 2.0 provides external double gussets to allow extra boosting without creating gaps around the legs.

    Can I use Prima Nappy Shell as swim nappies?

    Absolutely! Remove the inserts and you can use them as swim nappies.

    Outer Shell - PUL waterproof material

    Lining - Athletic jersey mesh material

    Day Insert - 5 layer; 70% bamboo, 30% cotton 

    Hourglass Insert - 6 layer; 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

    Made with love ethically in China.

    NZ Shipping: Flat rate urban shipping within New Zealand of $6. Free shipping on all urban orders of $50 and over. 

    Flat rate rural shipping within New Zealand of $9. For rural orders over $50, shipping within New Zealand is $3. 

    Subsidised Shipping to Australia and International locations starts from $8.

    We know international shipping costs can be off-putting to people overseas who really want to try our products. Hence, we offset international shipping costs so that nappies are more accessible and affordable to anyone who wants to try buy our nappies.

    1. Prepare new nappies by putting them through a standard wash.

    2. Put nappy on baby. Adjust sizing using domes.

    3. Flush solids, rinse soiled nappy and store in an open/airy dry pail until wash day. No need to soak nappies. (Wee nappies don't require rinsing!)

    4. Pre-wash every 1-2 days at 40-60 degrees with detergent (i.e. Persil Ultimate) for 30-60 minutes.

    5. Main wash every 2-4 days at 40-60 degrees for at least 2.5 hours. Bulk washing with other small items such as baby clothes, bibs & cloth wipes.

    6. Line dry shells. Inserts can be tumble dried to speed up drying process.