The Different Types of Cloth Nappies Explained

September 21 2021 – Joyce Tang



Navigating cloth nappies used to be a big challenge, with sheet fabric and pins to manage, not to mention they never seemed to fit properly! Nowadays we have amazing modern designs of cloth baby products, but with so many designs, it’s still sometimes a challenge to find what works best for your little one. In this blog post, we give you a full rundown of the types of cloth nappies we have available so that you can find the one that suits you & your baby the best.

Prima Original Nappy

If you’re looking out for a nappy that’s easy to use, fits your baby like a hug, and is a breeze to clean, then the Prima Original Nappy is the perfect option for you! This fantastic little nappy comes with a 5-layer bamboo cotton insert for newborn or daytime use, and combined with a 6-layer cover-all hourglass bamboo cotton insert for heavy wetters and overnight use – and you can choose to stuff or snap these inserts in!

The athletic moisture-wicking jersey inner lining creates a cool, comfortable, and breathable nappy so that you can be confident bubba stays clean, dry, and happy. Internal double gussets and a leak protection tummy panel is perfect for keeping all the messy stuff inside. Prima Original Nappies come in a bunch of fun designs that your baby will go crazy for and three sizing options to find the perfect one that’ll grow with your baby (thanks to the adjustable snaps!).

Prima 2.0 Nappy

The Prima 2.0 is exactly like the Prima Original, but with a few bonus features. These little guys include external double gussets to provide an extra seal and an improved fit for babies with slimmer thighs. The external gussets allow extra boosting without creating gaps around your little one’s legs, so they’re fantastic for heavy overnight wetters.

An extra pro tip: The Prima Nappy shells work well as swim nappies – you can buy the shells alone or simply remove the inserts!

Prima Nano Nappy

Searching for the perfect cloth nappy for your gorgeous newborn? Try the Prima Nano Nappies – designed to take after our amazing Prima 2.0 – just smaller for a comfy fit! The Nano’s include the external double gussets, leak protection, adjustable rise snaps, and Velcro closure to get the best fit while your newborn bubba grows.

Available in a range of funky patterns, these type of cloth nappies are designed for newborns, and we all know how much our little ones can resemble a sprinkler system.

The Pocket+ Nappy

These fantastic Pocket+ Nappies come with natural, high-quality inserts to prevent compression leaks, and they last! The fun Kiwi-themed prints are exclusive to Chuckles and your little one will go wild for them. The adjustable snaps and ability to use your other inserts as a booster makes creating a customised nappy for your growing baby easy.

Even Dad will have no problem with these ones, thanks to the easy stuffing pockets and simple snaps. Unlike some of our other nappies, these don’t feature double gussets or inner snaps, but each insert has two layers of bamboo terry fabric and a base made with three high GSM hemp layers. Pocket+ cloth nappies work to quickly absorb moisture and hold it—no flooding!

Prima Pull-Up Training Pants

The Prima Pull-Up training pants range comes in two sizes, normal for 1-3 years old, and large for 4-8 years old. These are fantastic for when your little ones are ready for toilet training as the inner bamboo cotton lining is made up of three absorbent layers, and no stay dry layer. These are customisable, with handy pockets in case you need some extra absorbency, just add some inserts in and you’re good to go! If you haven’t got any extra inserts, you can purchase the training pants with Prima set inserts.

They’ll feel so grown-up wearing these, and they can get them in their favourite colour or some funky designs.

Chuckles Fitted Nappy

Chuckles Fitted Nappies are a fantastic option for heavy wetters and overnight use. This type of cloth nappy is made with an incredibly soft, cloud-like bamboo velour material, with 2 additional layers of super-absorbent 420GSM bamboo cotton material lining the inside. Comfort is at the forefront of this nappy design, with gentle elastics on the front and back to keep everything inside without leaving nasty red marks. It also features multiple rise snaps, so that the nappy can grow with your baby – Chuckles Fitted nappies are one-size-fits-most, from approximately 4-18kgs.

These fitted nappies are designed to work with our Prima inserts, with one snap on each end to keep them in place. They’re fully absorbent inside and out, so make sure you get a snazzy waterproof nappy cover to keep everything inside!

Nappy Covers

Nappy covers are used with nappies that don’t have an outer water-resistant layer, such as our fitted nappies. These are designed to use with your choice of absorbency – fitted nappies, pre-folds, and flats – creating the best nappy for your baby! These covers are leakproof and have gentle elastic edges to keep things comfy around baby’s waist and prevent red marks.

Our nappy covers don’t contain a stay-dry pocket lining, so you’ll need to add a microfleece liner to wick moisture away from your baby and reduce nappy cream stains on your cloth nappies!

Get Your Cloth Journey Started with a Chuckle!

Chuckles aims to make things easier for mum, baby, and the environment, all by designing innovative types of cloth nappy covers, inserts, and more right here in NZ. Reusable nappies help families save money, reduce waste, and change their habits with ease. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, browse our full range of reusable baby products online, or contact our friendly team of mums today!



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