Why Every Parent Needs a Wet Bag

October 19 2021 – Joyce Tang

The Prima Pod wet bag filled with clean Chuckles NZ cloth nappies

The Prima Pod wet bag filled with clean Chuckles NZ cloth nappies

Whether you’re using cloth nappies or not, these handy waterproof bags will become your best friend. From carrying reusable baby wipes to packing snacks, wet bags have a variety of uses that’ll make your day-to-day life a whole lot easier. We break down these nifty little bags below.

You’ll Never be Caught Without Some Clean Clothes

Need to store some clean nappies for a weekend away? Drop some nappies to your wee one’s day-care? Well, a large wet bag can fit more than 20 nappies! They’re ideal for storing dirty nappies or clothes while you’re out of the house until you can get home to put them in the washer. These are some of the biggest wet bags you’ll find, and they can even work as a laundry bag, easily hanging on a door handle.

If your toilet training toddler happens to run into an accident while you’re out and about, large wet bags are the perfect place to keep some spare, dry clothes, just swap them out for the wet ones and wash them when you get home.

They’re Perfect for Day-care, Play Dates, & More

Dropping your little one to a playdate? Their lunch, juice boxes, spare nappy, toys, or books, or whatever else they might need, will fit in the Prima Pod. This is a handy washable wet bag with a separate zipped compartment for smaller items like wipes.

Prima Pods and other wet bags are essential for parents because they keep everything neatly organised, ready for you whenever you need it. Pack the Prima Pod for a sleepover, or grab everything you need for a day out and throw it under the pram. Waterproof and leakproof, Prima Pods are ideal for taking out to the beach, pools, and swimming lessons, and they’re perfect for swim nappies, or just storing sunblock, hats, and snacks.

They Have a Size for Everything

What is a wet bag used for? Ultimately, there’s no single purpose for a wet bag—they’re pretty much there for whatever you need. Medium wet bags are a bit smaller than the large, but equally useful, with two internal pockets that are perfect for separating wet and dry items of clothing, or dirty and clean nappies.

Mini wet bags can hold wipes and other smaller accessories—you could even use them as a separate compartment inside a bigger wet bag. Think about them like plastic bags but great for the environment—they can hold almost anything you want them to, and they come in a size to suit any need.

They’re Handy for You Too

Wet bags aren’t limited to your kids, oh no, they’re super helpful for parents too. As with all Chuckles products, all our wet bags come in a huge range of print designs that will suit both kids and their parents. The mini wet bags are perfect for holding toiletries, mums’ sanitary products, or even just keys, cards, and cash!

Clip it to your handbag or stroller handle and voila! No more digging for those little bits and pieces that get lost in big bags. Whether it’s mini, medium, large, or a pod, if you’re not using a wet bag, you need to start right now—you’ll thank us later!

Find a Funky Wet Bag with Chuckles

Looking for a wet bag, or cloth nappies in NZ? We stock a huge range of reusable baby products that’ll keep things easy on you, your baby, and the Earth. Whether you’ve never used a wet bag before, or you’re thinking you might want to grab a couple more, you can browse our full range of sizes and prints online today. If you’ve got any questions, our friendly team are always happy to help, just get in touch with us today.



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